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Sales Leader

Being an AVON Sales Leader

Would you like to...
  • Have a bigger earnings opportunity?
  • Be your own boss?
  • Build and manage your own team?
  • Earn from your team's sales?
What you get?
  • Full training and support from your Sales Leader.
  • 18 paydays a year.
  • No contractual tie-ins.
  • Your own business.
  • Opportunity (if you are able) to attend local and regional meetings / seminars.
  • Plethora of online training and media available.
What can I earn as an AVON Sales Leader?
  • Earnings are dependant on your size and level of your team (but there are Sales Leaders in the UK who are full time achieving £2.000 per brochure).
  • The more time you choose to invest, the bigger the potential rewards.
  • 18 brochures per year = 18 earning opportunities.
  • ‘Fast Start’ Bonus programme for your first 12 months - potentially up to £14,000.
  • Other reward opportunities available - cars, holidays and cash bonuses.
How does it work?
Step 1
  • Create opportunities and network market to find potential new representatives.
Step 2
  • Recruit new representatives.
Step 3
  • Support and train representatives to build their businesses and maximise their earnings.
Step 4
  • Encourage, train and support representatives to take the next step to Sales Leadership and build their own teams.
Step 5
  • Earn from your personal sales and your team’s sales.
What's next?

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